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Commercial conditions

'Personal' unit price licence is 500 euros, VAT or tax not included.

IMPORTANT: The commercial version is only useful to management control professionals since the non-limited training version, except in model and file names, is more than sufficient for all initial and continuing training activities. Any private or public body is in a position to provide the training, the least that can be done is to refer it to the publisher, who can only be satisfied with these voluntary actions. Let us recall here that the objective of the design of Expertizers is above all to bring a real added value to the function of management control and this from the initial training of managers and engineers.

Send your order at info@expertizers.com with all details (paper with company heading in pdf format)

After payment , you receive a customer password access and an invoice from DB.SOFTART.SERVICES, exclusive distributor of the software. Updates are free of charge, downloaded by your own.

The publisher DB.SOFTART.SERVICES, guarantees the continuation of software maintenance. Otherwise, it commits to issue its sources limited to private use.

Training / Assistance / Consulting :

DB.SOFTART.SERVICES is not intended to provide directly training to foreign clients. His role is to develop the software and answer questions on its use. On the other side, the publisher can propose trainers and consultants in your area.