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Parallel training version of the training brochure


The training version (also called evaluation) is completely FREE! What for?

The Expertizers methodology is based on fundamental principles. There is nothing complex about these principles, almost natural! they have been in force for decades in the training of computer scientists.

Their knowledge is now essential to the NOBLE function of Management Control which needs a new impetus, essential to effectively and independently manipulate the data of its information system. The universality of this education makes it free of charge, as are generally the communications of academic bulletins.

If you have the courage and a little time (speed of any novel!), the documentation and the software are used to quickly train as a self-taught, otherwise it will cost you the intervention of a trainer and the waiting to train.

Then, the training version being free, with no limit of features and volumes you can check the usefulness of expertizers with your own data, until you realize that your deployments require much more flexibility in the names of models and files, which are limited to them. It is at this moment, on the basis of your first already very concrete achievements, that we will ask you to help us to perpetuate the solution and its future developments, by the acquisition of a 'personal' version accessible to all professionals within the framework of an office automation price.

Here are the characteristics of the training version:

Templates and files available in the training version

Go to the download section to install it on your Windows PC.